Keeping it Maintained

Fighting back wear and tear


The weather elements and extensive traffic will cause cracks to form on any asphalt surface over time. The longer the crack remains untreated, the more expensive the repair. Surface cracks expand in winter due to water freezing within the crack, and debris and weed growth only amplifies the issue.

Take care of your investment and implement a regular crack fill program to ensure longevity for your asphalt surface.

Commercial Crack Fill
Causey Companies works with businesses and municipalities across the region to ensure proper driving surfaces meet desired traffic flow and building accessibility.

• Multi-unit housing
• Business parks
• Subdivision roads
• City streets
• Industrial
• Office buildings
• Retail Complexes
• Churches
• Education facilities
• Commercial airports

Residential Crack Fill
For the homeowner, having an aesthetically pleasing driving surface as the entrance to your property is important. We take great pride in our commitment to excellence and our communication with the homeowner to ensure we understand the needs of the surface so the right plan can be implemented.

• New home builds
• Existing driveway resurfacing
• Additional parking coverage